Intelligent semantic agents

Intelligent agents (IPPON) automatically and intelligently activate applications on the fly (including OCR and ASR) and index the content.

IPPON prove to be the needed item in transforming passive search and retrieval into active, personal assistants. IPPON agents intelligently understand the content and assist the users with computer applications. Semantic search agent employ artificial intelligence techniques to assist users with daily computer tasks, such as reading , understanding and answering electronic mails, faxes , sms , chats , and speech, maintaining a calendar, monitoring events, performing tasks, filing information and automating processes . Intelligent agents learn through rules and example-based reasoning and are able to improve their performance over time. Intelligent agents inhabit in complex, dynamic environments. They sense and act autonomously in this environments and realize a set of goals or tasks. Intelligent agents are software robots. They can think and act on behalf of a user to carry out tasks. They do only what the users want to do. IPPON first acquire the skills to accomplish the delegated tasks. IPPON is able to decide when to help the user and how to help the user. The agents use both user preferences and information content of the document and query. IPPON monitor the user's actions and prioritize the remaining query results. IPPON is capable of creating for itself an agenda of goals to be satisfied.

Semantic and intelligent agents understand and process meaningful content of documents and Web pages, according to their enormous number of logic, morphologic, thesaurus and statistical rules. IPPON, roaming from page to page can readily carry out sophisticated tasks for users. GUI Automation enable the users to define new search agents and business rules in plain English. IPPON automatically and constantly monitor the content coming in on the WEB and enterprise channels and automatically generating alerts and transactions according to the enterprise business rules