Image Recognition

SAGE is the world's most advanced and accurate technology to Image Recognition and understanding, Text and image analyzing , OCR, ICR (handwriting recognition) and SR (Screens Recognition) .

SAGE automatically activate and manage semantic search engines on the fly ; read analyze and understand images and text , capture vital information and transform it into meaningful and actionable content .

SAGE delivers superior recognition and understanding capabilities with enhanced accuracy . SAGE read, recognizes and understand images, pictures, characters, words , sentences and paragraphs; produces recognition results immediately, including the natural diversity of human handwriting ; enable the user to edit, reuse and search images . SAGE learn quickly to read and understand images and text (from cameras, papers, PDF, SMS, Whatsapp, email, chat, DB and web), to capture, analyze and search images, data and documents and translate images into text files. SAGE is state of the art technology, enables lightning-fast, intelligent and highly accurate images recognition, analyzing, and indexing. Accuracy and recognition speed is further improved by cross-validation of data during the recognition process. SAGE automatically learns to process images and documents and can be integrated quickly into existing applications.

Sage activate variety engines on the fly, allowing robust, accurate and fast objects (and face) recognition appearing in a photos or in a video. It can be used for many different applications such as video surveillance for airports (malls) , law enforcement , attendance systems for school, logical access control to a bank account or physical access control to a data centre and many more.

Sage enable automatic image repair, recognition and understanding of all types of cameras, including IR and X-ray;

Automatic analysis of NDT and quality control images, automatic detection of product defects; Automatic activation of any software ; Automatic detection of operational risks and problems ; Detection of physical risks in real time ; Management and hedging security risks ; Rapid and reliable diagnosis of attempts to harm, cause damages and deceive, based on understanding large amounts of information - structured and unstructured

Image recognition an example of Cognex :

Image recognition an example of WIRIS :

Image Recognition , Able2Extract Example


IPPON automatically activate and manage scanning and effectively bridge the gap between papers and automatic processes. IPPON is an automating image indexing solution that provides all the necessary capabilities for high-speed network scanning, image enhancement, viewing, annotation, printing, storing and searching images. Its strengths include flexible job separation and OCR recognition. IPPON work with all kinds of scanners. It captures and scans documents, dramatically improves image quality and converts them to electronic format. IPPON can display images content in relative shades of gray. Images are much easier to read. It has central, full-function scanner control, automated content processing, image clean up, documents retrieval, and communication delivery methods.


IPPON automatically activate and manage number of OCR engines on the fly, instantly convert paper into digital information, index and capture vital information and transform it into meaningful and actionable content. IPPON intelligent OCR (IIO) delivers superior and sophisticated OCR and ICR (handwriting characters) conversion capabilities with enhanced recognition accuracy and format retention. IIO recognizes characters and produces recognition results immediately, supporting the natural diversity of human handwriting. IIO has user-friendly interface. IPPON enable the user to edit, reuse and search documents. IIO learn quickly to read text from papers, to capture data, to analyze documents and translate the images into text files. IIO is state of the art technology, enables lightning-fast, intelligent and highly accurate document conversion, recognition and indexing. Accuracy and recognition speed is further improved by cross-validation of data during the recognition process. IIO automatically learns to process documents and can be integrated quickly into existing applications.

IPPON intelligent OCR (IIO) automatically transforms any document to XML while preserving every aspect of the document in an open digital format. IIO provides extremely accurate recognition of handwriting characters (ICR) that improves with use. IIO is based on geometric models and the science of neural networks that behave like the human brain when processing information. IIO imitates the way children learn to read. The basic principle states that handwriting, when reduced to its most basic components, is essentially a series of basic geometrical movements, made by a writing instrument. People read text by scanning entire words, not individual characters. When a person is not clear about a character he makes a decision based on context rather than the shape of the character. IPPON imitates this human approach. It uses dictionaries that contain possible field values, facilitating word recognition by combining primary recognition results with alternate choices, and then analyzing available alternatives. IPPON compare between the enterprise world of words (data base and content), dictionaries and the recognition results, during the recognition process, and dramatically improve the accuracy of the results. The dynamic usage of context eliminates all impossible combinations from the solution set, enabling the evaluation of results on the fly during the recognition process. Dynamic context, therefore, provides the highest possible recognition accuracy and eliminates the impossible results in real time, during the recognition process.

Attached an example of IRIS MOUSE

An example for QR and automation:


Semantic and Intelligent agents (IPPON) enable automatic content analyzing. IPOON is the most progressive and innovative enterprise solution for generating, managing, analyzing, validating and transporting content, which enters organizations from various sources. Whether originating from electronic documents, reports, faxes, scanned documents, Images, Emails, PDF, SMS, XML, files, voice or other sources, IPPON deliver and understand the content, create transactions and automatically activated applications that drive the organization.

Intelligent search agents are state of the art robots, enabling lightning-fast and highly accurate analyzing and validation of data and automatic processes. IPPON bridges the gap between the paper and the voice world and the digital world. Intelligent search agents automatically activate and manage number of OCR and ASR engines. IPPON extracts data from a document, identifies its different components, and makes it text-searchable, while preserving its original look and feel through any browser window. The user can edit, reuse and search documents using IPPON user-friendly interface.


Intelligent agents help clients to send their data, automatically, to anyone, at anytime, in various formats- faxes, e-mail, SMS, XML- without immediate revision of their existing applications, regardless of their application, hardware or network operating environment. IPPON create personalized, secured, dynamic forms from "live" enterprise data. It also ensures secure and accurate publication of personalized content. IPPON enable to send automatically information to thousands of fax, mail and SMS destinations around the clock and around the world for extensive and immediate customer reach. IPPON can automatically summarize conversations between Call center representatives and customers and send the summary to the customers by mail or SMS. IPPON enable SMS and mail On Demand solutions. IPPON allows providing efficient customer service around the clock as callers can access and receive desired documents any time, anywhere, via self-service.


IPPON is more than technology; it is a framework for organizing, automating, and analyzing business methodologies, matrixs, processes, and systems to drive the overall processes and performance of the enterprise. Semantic and intelligent agents (IPPON) automatically activate forecasting and planning processes, translate a unified set of objectives into plans, monitor execution, and deliver critical insight to improve financial and operational performance. Current OLAP solutions are limited. IPPON is an enterprise platform for business processes and performance automation, scalable in terms of number of agents , amount of data, and number of applications. It delivers functionality for forward-looking processes. IPPON build multidimensional data objects, analyze information and automatically activated processes for sophisticated planning, consolidation, allocations, forecasting, deriving key performance indicators, activity monitoring and proactive practices. IPPON builds data sources from transactional data, flat text files and existing data sources stored in relational and multidimensional databases and unstructured sources. Intelligent agents know about every decision, action, activity, and interaction performed throughout the lifecycle of each instance of the process. In addition, they manage the interaction with outside entities such as legacy systems, end users and custom applications