Financial Automation and Hedging

IPPON is an intelligent robot. He can automatically take both long and short positions, use arbitrage, buy and sell undervalued options or bonds where it foresees impressive gains at reduced risk. The primary aim of IPPON is to reduce volatility and risk while attempting to preserve positive returns under all market conditions. IPPON deliver consistent returns with extremely low risk of loss.

IPPON can automatically take advantage of a price differential between two or more markets; to buy an asset at a low price then immediately selling it on a different market for a higher price. The profit being the difference between the prices. IPPON minimizes negative cash flow at probabilistic or temporal options. In simple terms, a very low risk profit. IPPON applied to trading and monitoring transactions in bonds, derivatives and ETF.

IPPON can automatically plan, analyze and monitor functional financial devices – convertible bonds, warrants, default swaps, etc. – that perform in desired ways, not just at expiration, but also throughout their lifetime.

IPPON can automatically analyze and monitor financial products and derivatives of various sorts and suit them to the enterprise cash flow. It helps economists to develop new financial products. IPPON is possible to structure better solutions to long-standing financial problems. It can create structure solutions to complex financial problems and to exploit financial opportunities. IPPON enables to generate mathematical models to decisions about saving, investing, borrowing, lending, managing risk and practical financial problems by designing custom contracts and replicating them dynamically using instruments traded in markets. IPPON dramatically reduced the cost of trading standardized financial instruments and make it possible to produce at reasonable cost customized financial contracts that address a broad range of investment and risk management needs faced by firms, governments, and households

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