HandWriting Recognition


IPPON ebable to integrate handwriting recognition capabilities into applications running on PC, smartphones, mobile internet devices and eBooks. IPPON is a powerful and interactive text input method for pen, finger or stylus sensitive mobile touch screen devices. It replaces naturally the keyboard in any application requiring text entry running under Windows, Android, Linux, Symbian ,Iphone or Windows Mobile.  IPPON uses natural handwriting recognition for easy and interactive edition of SMS, MMS, emails and memos

IPPON enables a superior input experience on a wide range of  devices: digital pen, e-reader, Media Tablet, Smartphone and TV. IPPON enables accurate and intuitive input solutions via pen or stylus and bring a more natural user experience, including sms input, mobile gaming, eye and hand gesture control, annotations, virtual buttons (without touching), wand gestures, 3D point and click.

IPPON enables users to write on plain paper with a cordless, regular-size pen and simultaneously create a digital ink copy of whatever they write without using a digitizing surface. IPPON enable users to switch between “Writing-on-Paper Mode”, by using the pen as regular ink ball-pen, and “Pen-Tablet-Mode” utilizing the Pen's hovering and mouse functionality to write directly into Windows, Office and forms applications.  

IPPON can automatically capture electronically the result of every completed paper form.  It enables to record, and communicate, anything you write or draw, eliminating the need for scanning and manual data entry. Most organizations stile use paper based forms. Today, in the United States alone, there are over 100 billion paper forms processed annually. IPPON can quickly and effectively reduce the time spent processing the forms after completion

Attached an example of YIFANG electronic pen :

Handwriting recogntion

Attached an example of Wacom electronic pen


Automatic decoding of handwriting on Ricoh screen. 

Introducing the Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard A Series - Bing video

SAGE adding intelligence to mice 

 SAGE can add intelligence to every mouse or Stylus or digital pen 

 (PC, Tablets or Smart phones). It enables them to read and understand every

 content and document (including images). SAGE enable them to learn from

 their experience and improve their performance to an incredible accuracy.

 SAGE automatically recognize repetitive forms or content and

 understand them.  SAGE is excellent also for poor quality forms.

 It enhances dramatically the recognition accuracy and automatically creates templates.


Attached  an example of LG mouse.