Brain Building

Anyone can use SAGE, activating automatic indexing and NLU (Automatic Text

Simplification, wording information in easy-to-understand language for computers

and humans) on the fly, access information to computers (the computer learns to

humanely understand and remember any content), to itself (understand every word,

Medical, financial, scientific, engineering, legal,  however complex and in different languages) and people with disabilities  (cognitive, verbal, age, motor visual and hearing) , in the same procedure;

Develop software in natural language (No-code), from simple recordings (anyone

can), RPA and Machine Learning to the most complex AI; Automatically run any

software (RPA or Speech to text) and any process; Perform semantic search,

associative linking to images and active reading, turn information into knowledge and

remember the basics; Automatically decipher blood tests (genetics, microbiome),

derive from them a balanced, accurate and healthy personal nutrition plan

(customization of supplements, medical need only) and a physical training program

tailored to each trainee's health status, inclinations and abilities and automatically

decipher digital pen handwriting.

Continuous operation of these procedures (Brain building) optimizes the learning

of computers, optimizes the memory, knowledge, learning, understanding,

intelligence, concentration, attention, motivation, empathy, creativity, physical and

mental health status and cognitive, physical and immune abilities of each trainee ;

Produces chemicals in the brain, which double its performance; "mobilizes" new cells

from the brain stem for cognitive activity and increases the formation of synapses in

the brain (improving memory and knowledge in the present, creating a cognitive

reserve and preventing future dementia); Significantly reduces food waste and eating

meat (greener, less red) and creates the most intelligent computers  and people 

( sage workers and sage organizations).

SAGE upgrades IRIS scanner mouse :

IRIScan Mouse Executive 2: Scanner & Mouse - YouTube