Data Mining and Automation

IPPON is a self-contemplating semantic search engine that can analyze any type of data;

automatically detecting hidden mathematical equations and statistical relationships. IPPON automatically activate libraries of mathematical and statistical formulas (EUREQA, MATLAB, EXCEL, SPSS); identify mathematical and statistical formulas which could describe the underlying mechanisms that produced the data and distills scientific and economic laws from raw data.

IPPON is an invaluable tool for revealing complicated laws that have eluded scientists, economists and executives. It searches within a data set for numbers that seem connected to each other, and then propose a series of equations to describe the links. Some equations invariably fail, but some are slightly less wrong than others. The best are selected and again tested against the data. IPPON repeats the cycle over and over, until it finds

equations that work. If there is not enough data to enable IPPON to find equations, it identifies the gaps in the data and recommends experiments or economists to supply the missing data.

IPPON understand rejects and messages from any application and act accordingly like a human being. IPPON is an autodidact agent. IPPON imitate and learn human behavior and allow users to automate virtually any task on any application. IPPON can learn by himself by reading, indexing and understanding texts. For every specific process the "teacher" can added recording macros and scripts to handle exceptions. He can also define the relationships between the objects in IPPON vocabulary.