SAGE - Natural Language Understanding

Read, Listen, Recognize, Think, Respond

Semantic agents (robots) can record user actions (screen, mouse, keyboard) , automatically define search rules (machine learning) ; Learn to capture, analyze and understand data ; Enable users to define mathematical, logical, morphological and linguistic (thesaurus) rules and develop any software ( without writing code and without any dependence on external or internal software providers) such as: interfaces, queries, reports, auto-recognition of images (objects, people, OCR) , video, texts (documents, Internet, databases), handwriting (ICR), and speech (ASR) ; Accurate searches and automatic operation of processes and software (HR, ERP, QA, encryption, translation, CHATBOTS, Whatsup, CRM, BI, robots for conveying and manufacturing).

Semantic search engine automatically indexes and understands Images and voice in addition to structured (Data bases) and unstructured data (documents, Web pages, Emails, faxes, reports, PDF, Excel, Power point, intranet).

Semantic search is the best way to effectively unlock the enormous value of the enterprise information assets and turn them into shared, enterprise-wide Knowledge resources, without having to make large IT investments and manual tagging work

  • Semantic intelligent agents (SAGE) enable complicated, agile, cross-functional business processes to be created from existing IT assets. With SAGE, business users who hold the company's real knowledge can not only quickly construct (in plain English) sound and executable process models that span systems and functional areas in the enterprise but also deploy them for end-to-end automation right from their desktops. SAGE agents can deliver a virtual workforce to any organization, rapidly unleashing business flexibility and replacing error-prone manual systems with automated processes.

    • SAGE ability to create fluid enterprise-wide business flows that naturally span applications, enterprises, and human activities, not only provides obvious efficiencies; it changes the entire IT and business landscapes

      • Imagine having a team of agents (Personal Assistants) doing your work and your coworkers and employed work willingly, enthusiastically, tirelessly, 24x7x365 and for free. You can concentrate on handling difficult exceptions. All computer users spending a fair amount of time every day on monotonous, repetitive tasks which IPPON, the intelligent agent, can get them done automatically.

      • SAGE understand rejects and messages from any application and act accordingly like a human being. SAGE is an autodidact agent. SAGE, the intelligent agent imitate and learn human behavior on computers and allow users to automate virtually any task on any

      • application from simple tasks, such as download a file or perform a backup, to complex ones that consist multiple steps (automatic intelligent data entry and data extracting, ERP and CRM transactions, statistical and mathematical calculations, modeling and simulations , investments, tenders and contracts for example). No need to hire programmers, or mess about with windows scripting. SAGE is the most advanced, yet easy to use, intelligent agent that can easily handle any type of task no matter how easy or complicated that might be

Anything a Man can do, SAGE can do better